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F88DEB60-0455-4112-88D0-09B395FADAB2.jpegToday is, indeed, Tuesday. And it’s been a pretty uneventful day thus far. Since the weather has been so cold and snowy, I’ve been spending my time inside drawing. I’ve been getting back into watercolor lately, which has been a great outlet for my creative energy. Watercolor is a simple and forgiving medium, which makes it great for casual drawin after school. Recently I’ve just been letting my mind spill out onto the paper. So, for lack of anything else interesting in my life, here are my most recent watercolor and ink pieces. Above is some lineart of Queen Elizabeth II from the Netflix original series “The Crown”. I’ve been enjoying the show lately and had to do some clean lineart of her elaborate costumes. B0836CC3-B066-4EC5-9DAB-B02D6A9A66FA.jpegThis more colorful watercolor above was just a little character concept for some kind of tribal warrior queen. I love the rich marigold color in her cloak. It’s a very versatile tone for clothing in particular.


Anyway. Hope you enjoyed these pieces. If you’ve never tried watercolor, you should give it a go. I find it cathartic and relaxing.

Stay warm and stay cool!

– The Bopper


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