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I Went To The Library

Ever since I can remember, I have been a HUGE procrastinator. I would stay up until 2 am on average every school night, and I was not unfamiliar to the dreaded all-nighters. My “homework” time consisted of unnecessary amounts of effort and exactness but also constant spurts of YouTube and eating breaks.


Because of my lack of time to do anything other than homework, I often understudied or skipped it completely. With AP tests coming up and an intense amount of studying that I knew was going to be required for them, I decided that something needed to change right that moment. Instead of wasting 40 minutes riding the bus home, I planned to take the 15-minute walk from my school to my local public library and have my dad pick me up on his way back home from work (5 pm). It would only give me about 2 hours to do homework in the library, but i figured that it was worth a shot.


Because I’ve always spent 8 or more hours on homework, I’ve just accepted that I’m slow at homework and that it would be impossible for me to spend a “normal” amount of time on it. With that being said, this new plan completely baffled me. Not only was I able to completely finish my homework in time, but I would also finish in an hour or less most of the time. Another welcomed change that I experienced were free days. I NEVER had days that weren’t jam packed with homework, but now, I’m able to complete assignments that might be due on a few days in advance, so I end up having days where I would have had homework, but I’ve already completed it.


Getting my homework done in an hour or less has given me a bit of time to walk around the library. Because of this, a love for books has kindled inside of me. Along with my many novels that I am already required to read for my English class, I am also reading 3 other books on my own time and very much enjoying doing so. I also have tons of free-time outside of school now, obviously, and I’ve been using that time to finally play the games that I love but also to exercise more and take the time to cook great meals for myself.


I’m still following my “week-long plan” a month later, and I plan to follow it for as long as I can. This entire experience has taught me a very important lesson- one in which I tell myself frequently but sometimes don’t realize that I need to follow: little steps make big impacts. This itsy bitsy change will define the rest of my life as I know it. My goal now (and my goal always) is to only build on this and improve. Maybe, one day, I can learn to be productive at home rather than relying on a library. I know that it will take many, small committed changes and lots of patience.


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