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I Went To The Library

Ever since I can remember, I have been a HUGE procrastinator. I would stay up until 2 am on average every school night, and I was not unfamiliar to the dreaded all-nighters. My “homework” time consisted of unnecessary amounts of effort and exactness but also constant spurts of YouTube and eating breaks.


Because of my lack of time to do anything other than homework, I often understudied or skipped it completely. With AP tests coming up and an intense amount of studying that I knew was going to be required for them, I decided that something needed to change right that moment. Instead of wasting 40 minutes riding the bus home, I planned to take the 15-minute walk from my school to my local public library and have my dad pick me up on his way back home from work (5 pm). It would only give me about 2 hours to do homework in the library, but i figured that it was worth a shot.


Because I’ve always spent 8 or more hours on homework, I’ve just accepted that I’m slow at homework and that it would be impossible for me to spend a “normal” amount of time on it. With that being said, this new plan completely baffled me. Not only was I able to completely finish my homework in time, but I would also finish in an hour or less most of the time. Another welcomed change that I experienced were free days. I NEVER had days that weren’t jam packed with homework, but now, I’m able to complete assignments that might be due on a few days in advance, so I end up having days where I would have had homework, but I’ve already completed it.


Getting my homework done in an hour or less has given me a bit of time to walk around the library. Because of this, a love for books has kindled inside of me. Along with my many novels that I am already required to read for my English class, I am also reading 3 other books on my own time and very much enjoying doing so. I also have tons of free-time outside of school now, obviously, and I’ve been using that time to finally play the games that I love but also to exercise more and take the time to cook great meals for myself.


I’m still following my “week-long plan” a month later, and I plan to follow it for as long as I can. This entire experience has taught me a very important lesson- one in which I tell myself frequently but sometimes don’t realize that I need to follow: little steps make big impacts. This itsy bitsy change will define the rest of my life as I know it. My goal now (and my goal always) is to only build on this and improve. Maybe, one day, I can learn to be productive at home rather than relying on a library. I know that it will take many, small committed changes and lots of patience.


See more of my work at: https://blogfullycharged.wordpress.com/

Money In The Bank

Money In The Bank Predictions



This card is 11 matches long and there are some more that they could add on once I’m done writing this so I’m going to jump right in. As always I’ll start this off on the kickoff where they currently have 2 matches planned and the first is for the Cruiserweight Title as it will be Tony Nese defending against Ariya Daivari. Now I know nothing about this match because I have stopped watching 205 Live and I just wait for someone to say that the main event was awesome, as everyone else does. So this match doesn’t matter to me and I’ll just take the retention for Nese here as he only won the title at Mania and I doubt that Daivari is there best option to take the title off of him. The second match on the kickoff is a non title match as SD Live Tag Champs Daniel Bryan and Rowan will face the Usos. So I’m confused here, does the Wild Card have to be in affect for this match to happen and if so are there going to somehow be other wildcards throughout the night. No matter how this dumb rule works I’m picking the current champions in Bryan and Rowan because it would be pretty stupid to not put over the champions, then again this is WWE and Vince is pretty stupid, I’m not changing my mind though.


Alright, so I’m now to the main show and as always I have to add in a match that has not yet been anounced. That match is for the Women’s Tag Titles as it could be the IICONICS defending against Asuka and Kairi Sane who’s tag team name I will never say again, it’s still better then the other names I won’t say though. So if the match happens I’ll take new champions in Asuka and Kairi as they seem to be getting a big face team push now that Sasha’s gone leaving Bayley all alone, I’m sure she’ll be fine though. Now I can get to the announced matches and as you understand later on, I’m starting the show with the Men’s Money In the Bank ladder match.


It will be Ricochet vs Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn vs Drew McIntyre vs Andrade vs Randy Orton vs Finn Balor vs Ali. I’m guessing this will be a great match, maybe match of the night with all of the great spots throughout the match. All of this week I’ve thought that this was coming down to 2 people but after listening to Wrestletalk’s Wrestleramble there’s a 3rd person that could win. The 3 people are Andrade, Drew McIntyre, and stupid Baron Corbin. So the first theory comes directly from Oli Davis so go and complain in the YouTube comments to him. So this match happens first and Corbin wins the match getting mega heat and then later on Corbin cashes in on Seth after he retains over Styles and that can allow the show to go off with mega heat, which we all know can make great ratings, wrong. Anyways my real 2 possible choices are Drew and Andrade. Drew could win as he does seem destined to become champion by the end if the year and that would be easier to do with the briefcase but I don’t think that suits his character so I’m going with Andrade for the win. Andrade seems to be getting a heel push and he could be a wonderful WWE Champion and him vs Kofi would be an awesome feud. So in the end I’m going with Andrade to win but that’s more on the hoping side then what I think will actaually happen.


The next match for the main show will be another big match this time for the Smackdown Women’s Title between Becky Lynch and Charlotte. This will be a great match and it would make more since to do this Becky match first because this one is more likely to be a war. No matter if goes first or not though I’m going with a Becky retention. The next match for the show is Elias vs Roman Reigns is what I’m sure will be a wrest hold heavy match. So the way this match will undoubtedly go is Elias will do a wrest hold the entire time and then in the end Roman will come back with his normal 5 moves of death. Roman will of course win so whatever. The US Title is on the line next as it will be Samoa Joe defending against Rey Mysterio. This is 1 of 2 Mania rematches but this is going to be the worst of the 2 mainly because the other was match of the night at Mania. So I’m the exact opposite of the Mania match here as it will be Rey picking up the title here in a fine match but I’m hoping for Dominick to do something in this match, maybe they can even refrence to the fact that his real name is Dominick Guerrero because of 1 of the greatest feuds of all time (sarcasm galore here).

I’ll do the match of the night next as it will the 2nd Mania rematch as it will be Shane McMahon vs the Miz inside a steel cage. I’m guessing that this once again be an awesome match with some great spots. I’m hoping that Mizdad gets involved somehow because he is awesome but I’m also hoping that the 50 year old Shane can have 1 of his amazing spots. Maybe he can jump through a table off of the cage or what I hope happens, he somehow does a coast to coast off of the steel cage, that sounds insane. Anyways, I think the feud is ending here so I’ll take Miz for the win, unless if we can get Miz and his dad vs Shane and his dad, match of the year right there. I guess I’ll do the Raw Women’s Championship as it will be Becky’s second defense of the night going against Lacey Evans. This is going to be the lesser of the 2 Becky matches on the night which is why I’ve put it second to make it feel like a bigger match for Becky because she will already be worn down by Charlotte from earlier on. But despite that I’m still going with Becky to retain as I don’t think she’ll lose either title because I think she will eventually lose the title to whoever wins the Women’s Money In the Bank.


And now in a weird bit of scheduling I’m putting the Women’s Money in the Bank match next as I’ll have the big title matches go back to back after this. But first I’ve got the ladder match where it will be Nikki Cross vs Naomi vs Natalya vs Dana Brooke vs Bayley vs Ember Moon vs Carmella vs Mandy Rose. So if your thinking I missed someone there you are wrong because Alexa Bliss has been replaced in the match by Nikki Cross. The report is that Alexa is still suffering from her concussions and still can not compete, which is exactly what I’ve been saying would happen since she was announced for the match. So since I’ve already been right on this match once I hope to be right for a second time because I think Beyley will win here and cash in on Becky for the Smackdown Women’s Title a little later on in the year. This match also came down to 3 women, all on the Smackdown side, as Ember and Mandy could also win but I don’t think they need to be champion as much as Bayley does right now because Bayley could try and leave the company at any time like Sasha is but if she wins this she won’t want to leave.



And I am now down to the big 2 title matches starting with the Universal Title where Seth Rollins will defend against AJ Styles in what is said to be a dream match and I thought it would be, but it feels like nothing now because how much I hate WWE right now. So to say easily I think this will be a great WWE match, in reality that’s like the 8th best match in New Japan on a nightly basis, and I think Seth will win because I have a little bit of a fantasy booking for Seth here. So I say that Seth should be coming out of this just barely so after the match I want AJ to attack Seth afterwards turning heel and then Gallows and Anderson should come down and they can reform the Club and AJ can go against Seth for the next months until Extreme Rules where Seth will somehow win the feud but he only wins because he can then face Bray Wyatt at Summerslam and Bray’s first match back would be to destroy Seth at Summerslam and win the Universal Title right away.


So now that I’m past that fantasy booking I have to get to another good booking this time actually from WWE with it being Kevin Owens challenging Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title. This match should be an awesome match with so much emotion built into the match. Maybe it could be just as good as the Mania match but that’s not saying the crowd could possibly be as into the match as they were at Mania. I think there will be a lot of interference throughout this match from Sami after he recovers from the Money In the Bank match from the start of the show. That can allow for Xavier to get involved and against all odds Kofi comes away in the end still WWE Champion.


But if I can do my second bit of fantasy booking, that’s not the end of the show. That’s because instead KO and Sami beat up Kofi walking out standing tall, just in time for Andrade to come running out and he cashes in the briefcase and he wins the WWE Title proving that just 1 night can change your career, just in the same way that Kofi won the title but this is a heel win rather then the big babyface win. I’m not saying this has to happen here and it might be better if they hold off on it for a while because the promo work from Zelina with that briefcase in Andrade’s hands, but I just trust WWE to keep a plan like his cash in good for long enough so I say he cashes in now before he has a chance to be ruined by terrible booking.


See more of my work at: https://prowrestlinglifestyle.wordpress.com/

Today Is Tuesday



F88DEB60-0455-4112-88D0-09B395FADAB2.jpegToday is, indeed, Tuesday. And it’s been a pretty uneventful day thus far. Since the weather has been so cold and snowy, I’ve been spending my time inside drawing. I’ve been getting back into watercolor lately, which has been a great outlet for my creative energy. Watercolor is a simple and forgiving medium, which makes it great for casual drawin after school. Recently I’ve just been letting my mind spill out onto the paper. So, for lack of anything else interesting in my life, here are my most recent watercolor and ink pieces. Above is some lineart of Queen Elizabeth II from the Netflix original series “The Crown”. I’ve been enjoying the show lately and had to do some clean lineart of her elaborate costumes. B0836CC3-B066-4EC5-9DAB-B02D6A9A66FA.jpegThis more colorful watercolor above was just a little character concept for some kind of tribal warrior queen. I love the rich marigold color in her cloak. It’s a very versatile tone for clothing in particular.


Anyway. Hope you enjoyed these pieces. If you’ve never tried watercolor, you should give it a go. I find it cathartic and relaxing.

Stay warm and stay cool!

– The Bopper


See more of my work at: https://thebopperblog.wordpress.com/


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